According to the Golden Ratio, Robert Porter became the world’s most attractive man according to the Golden Ratio

DC-star Robert Patterson is the most attractive face in the world, as the perfect face, according to Phi (Golden Ratio), which measures the beauty of a man in DC. When he measured his face with the Golden Ratio, he found that he met the exact criteria of 92.15%.

Robert Pat’s eyes, eyes Eyebrows Nose Lips Q: The jaw and face were measured with ten other samples. Harley Street facial surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva used the latest computer technology to gather information. “When he measured all the faces of Robert Patterson, he certainly won. “This new computer technology can be useful when it comes to solving some of the skin’s natural beauty problems and also performing facial reconstructions.”

Robert Paddy Rice was not a regular face, and it was almost full percentage. The least likely result is his lips that are slightly flattened. Here are the next nine salutes, followed by Robert Porter, who took first place in the Top 10 Most Attractive Men.

(2) Superhero actor Henry Cavill (91.64%)

Bradley Cooper (91.08%)

(4) Brad Pitt (90.51%)

5. George Clooney (89.91%)

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