The Korean film Parasite, which hit the international stage and made an Oscar nomination

I would like to share with you some readers of the tradition of a good Korean film that has entered the world of international cinema. There may also be readers who have watched the movie. It is a film about the heart of the film, Paragon John Ho. Readers may not know about the director of the film, John John Ho. But I think you know all the famous films he made, such as ‘Mother’ and ‘Memories of Murder’. “Parasite” is a film that has won the international stage thanks to the director’s brilliant cast.

It’s not wrong to say that the movie was watched by the audience. In a nutshell, a poor family tried to exploit it in various ways to become employees of a rich family. This is the story of what happened to the rich family’s employees.

The movie is about as much as you can imagine, as well as the story of the rich and poor families. The film also features elements of real life. The way the film connects with one another is detailed, and the characters are superb. Now, no more references to the story. Find out on your Facebook page and let your readers see it.

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