Coronavirus will postpone the release of its new movie “Jane Time” by November.

The Corona virus affected not only the people but also the film industry. Now, the new James Bond movie, No Time To Die, will be delayed for seven months due to the new Coronavirus. China has shut down cinemas, as well as suspended Hollywood productions.

The film will be postponed from April to November, the film’s director, Daniel Craig, said. “No Time To Die” will be postponed until November 2020, according to the official Twitter account of the film.

The post has not been confirmed by the Coronavirus, but plans to cancel the film for Red Carpet last week in China, Hollywood’s biggest overseas movie market. China has been shutting down cinemas since January. South Korea Other countries, including Italy, are closing cinemas to prevent the spread of the virus.

The Korean film has been postponed because of the Corona virus, as well as new films and TV shows, which have delayed the launch of American films in China. No Time To Die costs $ 200 million in production. The London Film Festival is set to launch on March 31 and will be shown on April 2. The film is now being released in the UK on November 12. November 25th in the US

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