SOUTH JUNKEY, who returned to Korea from Colombia after his return to Korea.

COVID 19 virus continues to spread throughout the world, so companies and many organizations have stopped their regular activities in order to control the spread of the virus. Filming was stopped, not in the business field, but in the arts. The Korean film “Bogota” was recently discontinued, filming in Colombia. The cast and crew of the film returned to Korea on March 24.

The production team had to decide not only to follow Colombia’s regulations but also to follow the Korean government’s directive. The film is starring in a famous actor, John King. Sung Jooki also canceled filming and returned to Korea from Colombia. According to the agency’s agency, John Junky returned to Korea on March 14. There is no problem about his health. He will be monitored and spend time in self isolation. During that time, he will be well rested.

The production team knew that there was a potential loss of filming due to the spread of the Coronavirus, but it was decided to cancel the current situation and decide to return to Korea. Later, we will discuss how the movie will work.

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