Tom Hunts, who spoke about the current health situation after the COVID 19 infection

Prince Harry Hawks revealed on March 11 that he and his wife have been infected with the Coronavirus. On March 23rd, fans were informed of how they have been doing since the Coronavirus was infected in Australia.

“We are in good health two weeks after we started the symptoms,” he said. They are being monitored and monitored. No one living in the house can transmit the infection to anyone or transmit the virus to others. But if we take care of one another, we will help where we can. They will give us comfort. It will also pass. We can solve this, ”Tom Holmes wrote on the social network account.

Tom Huntskins’ wife, Rihanna’s account, was also alerted to the crowd by sharing a video of the song “Hip Hop Hurray”. He seems to be listening to music while under his supervision. Tom Hunts and his wife, Rita Wilkinson, are expected to recover.

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