At the urging of her daughter, Jackie, who played one of the emperors of “Mulan”

Chinese actor Jack Lee has long been seen as an emperor in the remake of Disney’s animated film Mulan. But he says he is not happy playing the emperor.

In an interview, Jackie said that his suit was too shabby and uncomfortable. “I really wanted to know why people wanted to be emperor. I want more freedom without bondage. ” His suit was made of six layers and was needed by many people. “The costume designer is amazing. My emperor’s dress was magnificent. But don’t wear them because they are too heavy. ”

Jackie also revealed why he played the Mulan movie. His daughter, Jada, says he played the character. At first he didn’t want to play this character. But her daughter informed this and asked three questions: “Would you be proud if you could share Chinese culture with the world?”

Ja thought he didn’t want to play the role of his father because it wasn’t good enough for the art. Jeda thinks Disney is spending a lot of its money on Chinese films with Chinese actresses. Jackie heard her daughter’s questions and was impressed. Because of his daughter’s encouragement, Jackie played the role.

In addition to heavy clothing, English sentences were a challenge for Jackie. For his part, Jackie said that it was difficult to speak English and that it was too boring to learn another foreign language.

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